Wednesday, April 13, 2011

WizBiz - new app on Android Market

Well, it's been a while since I last posted anything. I've been busy figuring out how to do more stuff in android apps. Particularly drawing on surfaces.

Anyway I recently published my newest app (WizBiz) and WizBiz Lite (free version). I used NumberFun as a basis of the calculation area. But that's where the similarity ends. The object of playing WizBiz is to solve a word for each level rather than to clear all the target numbers. In fact the target numbers are there merely to have hiding places for the letters of the word. Full instructions follow the image.

Shown during play: The missing buttons in the working area are because they have been used in the equation to hit a target number. Hitting the "Keep It" button would move the 5 to the working numbers for further use.

 Game Instuctions:
     There are 10 levels to a game (3 for WizBiz Lite). The objective of each level is to solve the hidden word. Each level starts with a new set of 6 "Working" numbers to use in equations (bottom of the screen) along with the operation buttons (add, subtract, multiply, and divide). Enter single line equations (firstNumber operation secondNumber) to hit target numbers (top of the screen). If one equation doesn't clear a target number, you can keep the result of the equation by clicking the "Keep It" button and use that number in another equation.

     Note that using a working number in a equation removes it from the available working numbers (i.e. you can only use each starting number once while hitting a target number). As said, accepting an equation result to use, adds that number to your working number set.

     As target numbers are hit, they go away, and may have a hidden letter behind it which then drops to the letter position holders. Solve the word by dragging the letters left or right to unscramble.

     You must solve the word to advance to the next level. Quit the game after any level and you pick up at the level you achieved when you return.

     If playing timed mode, time increases with each level. You are given a results page at the end of each level showing the points accumulated. Bonus points are awarded by completing the level before time runs out. (the quicker you finish, the more bonus points).

     In addition to the points accumulated, the results page provides solutions to the target numbers you did not hit during the round. These solutions may or may not be the most efficient method of getting there, but it does get there.

     The letter wheel (upper left) can be used if you think you know the word, but cannot uncover one or more letters to make them drop. Spin the wheel to find the desired letter, then drag it away from the wheel center. If you want, those extra letters can be removed from the word line by dragging them straight up the screen.

     If you continue to solve target numbers and uncover hidden letters, they replace the first extra letter in the word line if any.

     One additional thing; I didn't provide a "Pause" button to save real estate. However, if an application switch happens, or you press the device menu, the game goes to a pause mode. When you return, touch in the equation area to resume play.

Reset................ Abandons the equation being built (if any) and restores the working numbers.
Back................ Backs out the last working number (or operation) entry from the current equation being built.
Keep It............ Accepts the result of the current equation and adds it to your working numbers.

--- MENU
 Change Player..... Launches the Player Selection dialog.
Top Scores.......... Launches the Top Scores dialog.
Options............... Opens a sub-menu.
       Sound Muting...... Toggles game sound muting.
Game Info.......... Launches instructions in a dialog.
Quit................... Closes the game.

     One more thing. If you do download the game. PLEASE leave some feedback on the market! And I would appreciate a click on an ad once in a while in the Lite version. Us developers only get paid if you do.

     As always...have fun and enjoy playing it.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

NumberFun Lite is on Android Market

I finally got NumberFun Lite (the free version) on the market. It was amazing -- at least for me -- that in the first 8 hours there were 24 downloads! Unfortunately, there was also 1 error reported...Yikes!!

Well, I dug in and found out what caused it and fixed it right away. So I've already published an update for it.

Anyway, this version is based on the original version of the game described in my second post titled "NumberFun - My first Android application". The only difference I applied to NumberFun Lite is I used the progressing levels idea found in the full NumberFun version. However:
- The Lite version only has 3 levels as originally designed and the full version has 10.
- You cannot save your game state in the middle of the game and return to finish in the Lite version.
- Lite version has an ad at game start and in between each round; full version has a license check with the market.

So give it a try. This can really be a great skill builder for your kids too!

One more thing! If you do download the Lite version, Please click on an ad once in a while. That's the only way the developer gets paid!!

As always, thanks for stopping by

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

NumberFun 2.0 now published

In my last post, I indicated that I was going to put out a free version of NumberFun...I still am. But in the meantime, I added a lot of new functionality to the original:

- There are now 10 levels from easy to more challenging
- Each level is saved as you complete it, thus you can quit at any time and come back where you left off
- You can also quit the game after any level by starting a new game. Your current game score is saved at that level in top scores
- More visible indication of when the game is paused

I've been adding this new stuff while figuring out how to display ads in the game. The ads will be used in the free version and -- at least for now -- will not have all this great new functionality.

So, you can get to the free version REAL soon.

Thanks for checking in.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

NumberFun for free I tried getting this out there as a paid app. But the feedback I received was not exactly what I expected.

The only ones that have downloaded the game so far are friends and family members who were asked to do of 3! Argggg. Then the one forum I posted its arrival on, responded to me saying my first app should be free.

I pondered this...

Well, I'm giving in. I've decided to do that. But, as you SHOULD expect, it will have ads included. I spent the whole of the weekend figuring out how to do this, and so far it works on the emulator during testing, but I have yet to see an ad returned to me on my Android device. This is kind of expected for a short while (as pointed out in the AdMob website).

Thus, I will keep trying (and testing on other devices) to actually get live ads while playing the game.
Don't worry, the ads won't interfere with game play, they should show at game startup, and between rounds.

Anyway, once I verify it actually works, I'll release it on the Android Market as a free app.

Thanks for stopping by.

Friday, January 21, 2011

NumberFun - My first Android application

OK...Here is my first app written for the Android smartphone. Although you can find the instructions on the phone by using the device's Menu button and selecting "Game Info", I am putting it here for an easier read. Plus it should be better to understand with the picture. Additionally, I've include a little more info here that I didn't include in the game's info on in the app.

So here goes:

-- General Instructions: --
There are three rounds to a game. Each round starts with a new set of 6 "Working" numbers to use in equations (Top of the screen). The objective is to solve all the answers (Bottom of the screen) as quickly as possible by creating equations with the working numbers along with the (add, subtract, multiply, and divide) operations.

NOTE: You cannot string multiple operations in one equation. An equation consists of (number) (operation) (number).

As soon as an equation result matches one of the answers, it is automatically taken, and marks the answer as solved. If, however, the equation result does not match an answer, you can choose to use it in a subsequent equation by accepting it using the OK button--thereby adding it to your working numbers at the top.

Note that using a working number in an equation, removes it from the available numbers (ie. you can only use each starting number once). Then, as mentioned above, accepting an equation result (using OK button) adds that number to your working number set.

The rounds are have 5.5 min/round. You are given a results page at the end of each round showing the points accumulated. Bonus points are awarded by completing the round before time runs out (the quicker you finish, the more bonus points). Also, larger numbered answers (further to the right) are worth a little more than the smaller numbered ones. (to the left).

Thus, as an incentive to solve the smaller answers first, each group of numbers indicates game progress with its background color (successively left to right). When a group's background color is fully changed, the answers in that group are locked out. Any unmatched answer in that group when it gets locked out will no longer be usable. See the picture. Greyed out numbers have been matched. The ones in blue are yet to be matched. Obviously, the ones with the big red X are locked out.

In addition to the points accumulated, the results page provides solutions to the answers you did not match during the round. These solutions may or may not be the most efficient method of solving an answer.

-- Game Controls --
Reset ............... Abandons equation being built (if any) and restores the original working numbers for the round.
Back ............... Backs out the last working number (or operation) entry from the current equation being built. (can use multiple times)
OK ................. Accepts the result of the current equation and adds it to your working numbers.
Give Up .......... Ends the current round.
Pause .............. Pauses the game timer, and hides all working numbers and answers. (toggle action)
New Round .... Start the second or third round.
New Game ..... Start the first round.

-- Menu --
Change Player .. Launches the Player Selection dialog
Top Scores ...... Launches the Top Scores dialog
Options ............ Opens a sub-menu.
      Sound Muting .... Mutes game sounds.
Game Info ........ Launches the information dialog (shows this information).
Quit ................. Ends and closes the game.

Watch out though, this can be addicting.

I hope you find it fun as well. If the population finds this game interesting, I'll be developing more applications. So, keep an eye out.

Thanks to all who have shown an interest and purchased this game.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Welcome to JRDev Applications

Thank you for visiting!
This is simply a short introduction to my blog to let you know who I am and what I'm doing here.

I've been a software engineer for about 10 years now and have finally delved into the world of Android apps. Actually, I've only created one so far. Which I will be releasing within the next few days.

In this blog, I intend to introduce expanded information about the application(s) that I put on the Android Market. This should be easily accessibly information for the app users to find things like instructions on the app's use, my responses to frequently requested features, known bugs, etc. --  BUGS? Well as much as I'd like to say my applications will be completly bug free, one thing that my 10 years has taught me is that it is extremely rare to find a piece of software that is completly bug free from the get go. Therefore, I will post any that I (or users) discover along with my intent to fix them.

At the start of this venture, I expect to be making applications that lean toward sparking your brain into a little excercise routine. I'm not particularly the scholarly type, but I think pushing your brain once in a while is a good thing :-)

Well, that's my short intro and the primary (at least the initial) intent of this blog. Again, thank you for stopping by, and check back once in a while...I may just have something new and fun.