Thursday, February 10, 2011

NumberFun Lite is on Android Market

I finally got NumberFun Lite (the free version) on the market. It was amazing -- at least for me -- that in the first 8 hours there were 24 downloads! Unfortunately, there was also 1 error reported...Yikes!!

Well, I dug in and found out what caused it and fixed it right away. So I've already published an update for it.

Anyway, this version is based on the original version of the game described in my second post titled "NumberFun - My first Android application". The only difference I applied to NumberFun Lite is I used the progressing levels idea found in the full NumberFun version. However:
- The Lite version only has 3 levels as originally designed and the full version has 10.
- You cannot save your game state in the middle of the game and return to finish in the Lite version.
- Lite version has an ad at game start and in between each round; full version has a license check with the market.

So give it a try. This can really be a great skill builder for your kids too!

One more thing! If you do download the Lite version, Please click on an ad once in a while. That's the only way the developer gets paid!!

As always, thanks for stopping by

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