Tuesday, February 1, 2011

NumberFun for free

OK...so I tried getting this out there as a paid app. But the feedback I received was not exactly what I expected.

The only ones that have downloaded the game so far are friends and family members who were asked to do so...total of 3! Argggg. Then the one forum I posted its arrival on, responded to me saying my first app should be free.

I pondered this...

Well, I'm giving in. I've decided to do that. But, as you SHOULD expect, it will have ads included. I spent the whole of the weekend figuring out how to do this, and so far it works on the emulator during testing, but I have yet to see an ad returned to me on my Android device. This is kind of expected for a short while (as pointed out in the AdMob website).

Thus, I will keep trying (and testing on other devices) to actually get live ads while playing the game.
Don't worry, the ads won't interfere with game play, they should show at game startup, and between rounds.

Anyway, once I verify it actually works, I'll release it on the Android Market as a free app.

Thanks for stopping by.

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