Tuesday, February 8, 2011

NumberFun 2.0 now published

In my last post, I indicated that I was going to put out a free version of NumberFun...I still am. But in the meantime, I added a lot of new functionality to the original:

- There are now 10 levels from easy to more challenging
- Each level is saved as you complete it, thus you can quit at any time and come back where you left off
- You can also quit the game after any level by starting a new game. Your current game score is saved at that level in top scores
- More visible indication of when the game is paused

I've been adding this new stuff while figuring out how to display ads in the game. The ads will be used in the free version and -- at least for now -- will not have all this great new functionality.

So, you can get to the free version REAL soon.

Thanks for checking in.

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